Thank you to all of our many students who have chosen our program over the years and who have put in the sweat equity, utilized our tools, listened and worked hard. Here are just a few of our successful students and what they have to say about our programs:

“Thank you so much for all of the help.  Your template method was exactly what I needed.  I especially appreciate the prompt response with comments to all of the practice essays I uploaded for review.  I uploaded over 30 essays and the extensive comments were a very helpful guide for future essays.  When I took the exam, I knew exactly what to write and what issues to cover.  I would recommend Bar None Review to anybody studying for the California Bar Exam.” James G. (Score Maximizer Program)

THANK YOU LISA! My dream came true yesterday, I BECAME AN ATTORNEY. I was successful in law school and figured that I would have no problem with the Bar Exam. I took a nationally recognized bar prep course and didn’t pass the first or second time that I took the bar. I was devastated and looking for a solution. In comes Lisa and her tried and true methods to pass the bar exam. I met with Lisa once every two weeks and she created a study schedule tailored to my weakness–she pinpointed where I was weak on the essays and MBEs and gave me all the tools and tricks that I needed to pass the bar. I literally felt like passing was never going to happen after failing twice, but today I can finally say that I have passed and I am so glad that I invested in Lisa. Not only did I pass the bar, but I gained a really amazing friend in Lisa. She is a great support system and is encouraging through this process. I left our meetings feeling like I could take on the world–and I did! If you are debating whether or not you want to spend money on tutoring–stop thinking, and just say yes–Bar None Review is one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you Lisa and to your amazing team!
–McKenzie Austin, ESQ (Feb. 2019 Bar Exam)



“To Lisa & the rest of the Bar None Review Staff:

WE did it! You have helped, yet again, countless people pass the California Bar Exam. Congratulations!

I would like to truly thank you for everything you have done and all the efforts you put forth to help me through this hectic process. After being unsuccessful after my first attempt at the CA bar, I honestly did not know where to turn or what to do to improve my performance. After spending money and dedicating my life to one of the “big-box courses,” I felt defeated. And then, I found you.

From our first meeting at your free workshop, you made me believe that I could do this, and that the bar is not something to be feared, just something you need to understand to pass.

During the course of our studies, you continued to make me feel like I could pass the exam and gave me every tool necessary to do so. Most days, I was even excited to open your materials and get started. I learned more than I ever thought I could and even felt semi-confident during the exam. Ok, afterwards I was a wreck, but who isn’t!

When I saw those green letters appear on the screen last night, that my name appeared on the pass list, I couldn’t have been happier. I have been waiting for this day for years and owe it to you.

From my heart, I thank you, Lisa.”

Chelsee M., Esq. (Score Maximizer Student)


“Dear Lisa,

Honestly I do not know where to begin. I have dreamt of this day for a while now. When I put my information in yesterday evening and saw that magic phrase, “the name above matches a name on the pass list,” only one thing came to mind; LISA!!! If it wasn’t for you, I would not be sitting here today. Law school came very easy to me and gave be a very big head. The first time around taking Barbri was difficult, frustrating, and over whelming.

Barbri just kept saying do what you did in law school you can do this. So I did what I in law school. That certainly worked in law school but the California Bar just sat there and laughed! My soul and spirit was crushed first time around and not knowing what to do. I have never failed at anything and you came to my rescue! I owe this all to you and bar none review! Your teaching gave me the opportunity to attack the California Bar like no-one else! On every essay there was something that I can remember you teaching us. It is not just about the information…everyone in your room knew what to talk about for every essay, you taught me how to say it in a way that showed the graders that I deserved to be a lawyer. Look at me now, because of you and Bar None Review, I am an associate attorney at one of the biggest law firms in the state of California!!!! Thank you so much, I owe you everything.”

Brett S., Esq. (Score Maximizer Student)


“Dear Lisa,

Well, you did it!! With your guidance, I finally passed the California bar exam. I owe such a debt of gratitude to you and your invaluable instruction! I am utterly convinced there is no method of bar prep like yours out there — it is not only uniquely effective, it is also based on the soundest of principles and practices. In short, it is nothing short of brilliant.

All my academic life — since high school and through three graduate degrees — I have had enormous trouble with standardized tests. While my grades were very good, and I attended excellent schools (including Yale), I kept underperforming on standardized tests. I went to many people for help, and tried many different things, from a variety of disciplines. But nothing did the trick. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand the material, it was that i was a terrible test-taker. But amazingly enough, you did the impossible: with your tutelage, I passed the bar!!

By the time I found Bar None Review, I had looked into, or taken courses from, more than a few bar prep providers. I can say with confidence that your methodology is unique. While so many bar prep courses offer unfounded speculation, flawed materials or recondite methods that don’t work, yours is the only one grounded in research and a 100% rational and pragmatic approach to giving the bar examiners what they want. What you’re doing makes so much sense it hardly seems right to even compare it to other bar prep companies. Plus, the ongoing guidance — up to and even through the actual bar exam — was a lifeline, pure and simple. Since I have taught at major universities including Yale, UCLA and UCSD, I know a bit about what it takes to teach, and you have that special gift. Your curriculum, approach and presentation is as solid as it gets.

No question, the best choice I made in the past year was to sign up for your full program, the Score Maximizer Program. You gave me a fresh approach for all parts of the exam, including the Performance Tests, and it was as though the proverbial lightbulb went off. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing to retake the bar, or to attorney takers. You were the perfect teacher for me, and that’s no small thing.

After 20 years as a journalist with the LA Times, as well as many years working in the entertainment industry, I will now be working full-time for a law firm — starting Monday! I will be forever in your debt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

All the best,
Jan B, Esq, MA, MFA, JD (Score Maximizer Student)


Passed! Passed! Passed! Lisa, your program is proof that you can work full time and take care of a child AND pass the California! Your program is ideal for the person who is willing to wrk hard for a few months, but has a full agenda and can only manage to take a week or two off before the bar. If I would’ve taken you the first time, I would not have had to retake it! You said I would pass. Your essay approach is better than any video lecture I have ever watched. Your Bar Exam Templates ROCK! I would be happy to share my experience with any of your future lawyer students!

Nick L. (Score Maximizer Student)