Course Offerings and Registration

Bar Exam Cram Session

The Bar Exam Cram Session is Available Online!

Dates for the February 2022 Bar Exam Cram Sessions will be posted soon! The Bar Exam Cram Sessions always sell out! To be added to our priority list, please email us at to save your spot!

SCore Maximizer Program & Attorney Taker Program

Zero in on your strengths and weaknesses with the Score Maximizer Program. Unlimited essay grading, personalised study plan tailored to your needs and work demands. Ideal for repeat takers and attorney takers. Includes the Bar Exam Cram Sessions.

Enrollment for the February 2022 Score Maximizer Program opens on begins on October 1, 2021. Your studies can begin as soon as you enroll or you can choose a later start date. We recommend that students begin as soon as possible. Space is limited! To register, call 213-529-0990 or email us at:

Writing MaximIzer Program

The Writing Maximizer may be the perfect fit if you are looking for essay grading outside of a traditional prep course. Most national bar prep companies offer very little feedback on essays and PTs. Some courses only “grade” three exams. This is simply not enough.

Enrollment for the February 2022 Writing Maximizer Program begins on December 1, 2021. Space is limited! To register, call 213-529-0990 or email us at:

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