Special Early Bird Bar Exam Pricing!

Hello Bar Takers,

I have a very special deal for you!

With prices rising every where, I am going to provide a discount on our Bar Exam Bar Cram Session! The fee for this program is $995. But, for a limited time, the fee will be discounted to $795!

This offer will be available until November, 29th 2022 This discount only applies to our Saturday, December 3rd Bar Exam Cram Session.

Many bar examinees do not realize the significance of taking the early Bar Exam Cram Session, or how it is relevant. So here is why you should take the early Bar Exam Cram Session: it is different from the second Bar Exam Cram Session because of the time of your studies,

Our statistics show that when a student is takes both Bar Exam Cram Sessions the examinee’s pass rate is higher than those who do not, in other words: they passed!

If you purchase the first course, you can lock in the second Bar Exam Cram Session for $895. The second Bar Exam Cram Session will be held one week before the Bar Exam.

Use the code: PASS to get the $200 discount.

Click here to register for the December 3, 2022 Bar Exam Cram Session!

I really hope this helps, with the price everything going up, I am grateful that my overhead is low enough that I can ;provide this to you!

And by the way, November 29th is my birthday! Getting older after cancer is pretty awesome!

All the best,

Lisa Duncanson
Program Director, CEO
Bar None Review
office: (213) 539-0990
email: BarExamGuru@yahoo.com