New Three Tier Program for the California Bar Exam!

Hello Bar Takers and Law Students!

The Bar Exam Blue Print course is back due to popular demand! This course can be purchased separately or as part of our new, Three Tier Program below. This new, three tiered approach will also rollout for our Uniform Bar Exam students soon!

Early on in 2022 we had great success with the launch of our “Bar Exam Blue Print Course”. This course sets the stage for solid bar study, no matter which bar prep course you may have already signed up for. It is a great supplement and since it is provided via Zoom, you can watch it from anywhere.

Student responses were very positive. Many attendees want to attend again.

I will add another session right after the California Bar Results are released!

However, the impact of this four hour Bar Exam Blue Print session made me realize just how important it is for students to have a really solid game plan when it comes to the Bar Exam,  especially if you are not taking one of our. programs at Bar None Review. (We always teach these methods to our enrolled students).

As a result, my team and I have reworked existing supplemental programs to incorporate this must needed study structure that can be utilized with any bar review. program The main issue, is getting acesss to it early enough to make use of it!

We will offer the Bar Exam Blur Print Course and the Three Tier Program after bar results.!

In addition, our Bar Exam Cram Sessions are now upgraded to incorporate these areas. Our new, Three tiered supplemental program is provided as a bundled package starting with the Bar Exam Blue Print Course, the Early Bird Bar Exam Cram Session and the final Bar Exam Cram Session, Each session provided at the perfect time in your review and with the best focus for what any passing bar examinee should have at their disposal..

Each Bar Exam Round we have always held two Bar Exam Cram. Sessions, one at the beginning of the the study period and a second about two weeks for the Bar Exam. Students who attended both sessions pass at a much higher than those who did not attend both sessions. This is due to the fact that the first Bar Exam Cram Session focuses  on how to utilize the materials in the beginning of review and the second Bar Exam Cram Session addresses all of the things you can do to perfect your knowledge of rule statements and approaches for the essays and the MBEs at just the right time during your review. Both sessions are critical.

The fee for the Bar Exam Blue Print Course alone is $395, The fee for each Bar Exam Cram Session is $995. Purchasing all three courses separately would cost $2,385. While worth it, that is a lot of money, too much money for most bar takers.

I am providing the Three Tier Program (the Bar Exam Blue Print Course and our two Bar Exam Cram Sessions) for $1300 That is just $305 more than the fee for one Bar Exam Cram Session!

This will be available for purchase after the California Bar Results come out.

A little more about the Three Tier Program:

Taking students success stories into account has led me to translate the approaches only taught within our full program and to incorporate it into the Bar Exam Cram Sessions.

This “Three Tired Approach: will include the Bar Exam Blue Print Course and two Bar Exam Cram Sessions offered at just the right time in your studies. I will also give you access to at least 30 Released California Essays with answers and the Bar Exam Predictions with selected essays and answers to reflect the predicted areas.

Understand, this information is always included in our full bar review course. But, over the past few decades, watching the “big box bar prep” bar pass rates drop lower and lower, has been very frustrating to me and to my team. I have always felt the need to help bridge the obvious gaps between, what is now referred to as “traditional bar prep” to encourage examinees to take matters into their own hands.

This started with offering “Free How to Pass the California Bar Exam Workshops”.  I still offer these today. I love teaching and I really love teaching free classes because it gives everyone the same opportunity. Most attendees are repeat takers who are at a complete loss not knowing why they did not pass. First, the bar exam is not an IQ test. Second, I provide real content. And 3rd, I never, ever turn any session into a sales pitch or a paid session into an upsell. Please check out my YouTube Channel @ BarExamGuru There are several videos of exam approaches. One of the most popular video is the First Amendment Speech Approach.

Click here to learn more, and to sign up for one of our Free How to Pass the Bar Exam Workshops! All workshops live via Zoom!