How to Pass the Bar Exam without Going CRAZY

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Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Bar Exam Blue Print Course(TM)! For anyone who missed out, we will offer this course again before the February 2023 Bar Exam.

The Bar Exam Blue Print Course is a one day program that includes our highly sought after Bar Exam Cram Sheets. But, most importantly, attendees learn how to write above passing essays, how to master the performance test and how to achieve the highest scores on the MBEs. This course sets the stage for your bar studies and is designed to reduce anxiety and stress that typically accompanies bar prep. How do we accomplish this? The Bar Exam Blue Print Course demystifies the bar exam by teaching students early on 1) how to manage their studies, 2) provides attendees key bench marks that should be met throughout their review so that you know where you are in terms of passing and 3) keys to manage your time, 4) how to focus on the most important areas of the exam and 5) how to keep yourself motivated.

This course is for anyone who is taking the bar exam in California or any UBE state. This course is an appropriate supplement to any of the national bar prep courses, and of course, it is a first step for our Score Maximizer Program students.

All the best to everyone who is waiting for their July bar results. I wish you the very best of luck!

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