How to Pass the Bar Exam in 100 Days

Hello Bar Takers,

The February 2023 Bar Exam is just about 172 days away right now. That probably sounds like a long way off. But, you may be surprised how quickly the time will pass and before you know it, you are checking into a hotel near your test site.

The most common statement I have heard from bar examines over the past twenty plus years is – that they wished they had more time.

When I hear students say that, it means they lack confidence. And the number one reason a bar examinee lacks confidence is because their bar exam review course was like a fast moving train that never stops long enough for you to get some air, to reflect on what you are learning, or to take the time to truly understand the law in the context of the exam.

Learning what you actually need to know to write passing (and above passing) essays and performance tests and learning how to master the MBEs is no longer the focus of most bar prep courses. And, It is also, rarely the focus of law schools.

But, it absolutely should be!

How do I know this to be true? I know this because I have worked with thousands of bar takers over the past 25 years and I have watched bar prep courses cut out six to eight weeks of prep time, cut down dramatically on the number of exams students can submit for grading and simply downplaying the need to practice the exam. At the same time, many law schools have a preferred bar prep provider (you probably know which bar prep course I am talking about) which pretty much eliminates their competition in the bar prep industry and, it prevents law graduates from looking at other review programs that might better suit their needs.

You may not be aware of how many times this multi-billion dollar company has been sued for anti-trust violations . . . losing over and over again . . . having to pay out millions and millions of dollars for each class action law suit they have lost and still stay in business.

You also may not be aware that your law school could have been paid more than a $100,000 dollars (for example: $100,000 for a new moot court room on campus, yes, this has happened).

Why should this concern you? It should concern you because these “gifts” and “donations” come with strings attached. What kind of strings? Exclusivity, becoming the only bar prep course that is recommended by your law school. Some law schools sweeten the deal for this bar prep company by offering money to help pay for bar prep – but, only if the student chooses one bar prep company in particular.

The upshot is that this course really doesn’t have to compete with any bar prep provider because their practices guarantee that the lions share of bar examinees will buy into to their course. That has enabled this provider to shave off six to eight weeks of review and prep, limit essay and performance test grading to three exams, eliminate live sessions, eliminate private tutoring and – in my opinion – caused the bar exam pass rate to drop significantly.

Understand, that prior to this corporation becoming the dominant bar prep course in California and the nation, average bar pass rates on the California Bar Exam were as high as 68%. Now bar pass rates in California range between 32% to 45%.

You do not have to be a part of this low pass rate. Break away from the statistics by starting bar prep early! Sign up for the Bar Exam Blue Print Course and launch your early bar prep. This will work with any bar prep course. It will not compete with any bar prep course you may have already chosen because the typical start date is months after the Bar Exam Blue Print Course begins. This course is an excellent supplement to any bar prep course.

Learn how studying even just a few hours a week, months before most examinees begin their bar prep, will significantly increase your chances of passing on the bar exam. Course fees for the Bar Exam Blue Print are $395. However, we have extended our Labor Day special for 10 more days! Simply enter the discount code: LABORDAY and receive a $200 discount, dropping the fee to $195!

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