Bar Exam Blue Print Course!

Hello Bar Takers,

It is Lisa Duncanson, your Bar Exam Guru! I want to invite anyone who is taking the bar exam, to attend our upcoming Bar Exam Blue Print Course. This is a new program that we beta tested earlier this year and found that students went into their studies with a new found confidence and certainty. These students took the February 2022 bar exam and their performance and success rate was higher than students who did not participate in the Bar Exam Blue Print Course.

If you sign up now, you can take advantage of our Labor Day Special and receive a $200 discount off the regular course fee of $395. Simply use the discount code: LABORDAY during registration, and the course fee will drop down to only $195!

The Bar Exam Blue Print Course will be held on Saturday, October 15, via Zoom, from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm.

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The February 2023 Bar Exam and the July 2023 bar exam may seem far away, but the sooner you get your bearings on what you need to do to more than adequately prepare for the bar exam, the more likely you will pass the exam, whether are taking February 2023, July 2023 or even February 2024.

And, for the first time, we are including the highly sought after Bar Exam Cram Sheets included in the $195 Bar Exam Blue Print Course. These are the ORIGINAL condensed outlines that many bar prep companies have copied (we are not “Lean Sheets” or “One Sheets”). These, and other copycats, came out long after the Bar Exam Guru released the Bar Exam Cram Sheets. Our Cram Sheets are not just memorizable rules, but are also roadmaps for most of the bar exam topics. Typically, the Bar Exam Cram Sheets Book is only available with either our full bar review program or out Bar Exam Cram Session Program. Why? Because I believe, that even though the Bar Exam Cram Sheets are very solid and straightforward, having some instruction on how to best use the Bar Exam Cram Sheets is really helpful.

The Bar Exam Blue Print Course will be held online, via Zoom. Your instructor will be me, Lisa Duncanson, the Bar Exam Guru and founder of Bar None Review, The Bar Exam Cram Session and author of 24 bar prep and law school prep books. I have worked successfully with thousands of students since 1996.

So why am I offering a full day course for just $195? Because I want to create a fair playing field for bar takers. Unfortunately, I believe that law schools and traditional bar prep programs have lost their way. I believe this, because the statistics and low bar exam pass rates bear this out.

The Bar Exam is not an IQ test. It is a standardized exam. This is true for the California Bar Exam, the New York Bar Exam and for all state Bar Exams, including the UBE (what is known as the Uniform Bar Exam, now utilized in 41 states). I have prepared New York bar examinees (was even hired by Wachtel, Lipton, Rosen and Katz to prepare a group of their New York licensed attorneys for the California Bar Exam).

I have also prepared many examinees for the the UBE and thousands of examinees for the California Bar Exam, and, regardless of the exam or the state, it comes down to knowing how to study and how to prepare for the exam. It is, in fact, less about the law than you might think. I am not saying that you do not need to know the law, but what I am saying is that knowing the law is not enough. Instead, to succeed, you need to know the techniques and required strategies for each section of the bar exam. And, you need to know what part of the law is most important to the bar examiners, how much real estate should a given issue be afforded in you essay answer.

And the is just the beginning of what you will need to know to prepare for the bar exam.

All of this, is what I will cover in the Bar Exam Blue Print. And, should you decide to sign up for any of our other programs (the Bar Exam Cram Session, the Score Maximizer Program or the Attorney Taker Program) you can apply $195 to the fees of the above programs. This discount is not applicable to our Predictions Package.

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