Why You Need to take the July 16th Bar Exam Cram Session

Hello Bar Takers!

Our final Bar Exam Cram Session for the July 2022 bar exam is on Saturday, July 16th.

This session tends to fill up quickly. So make sure you reserve your spot now!

So why do I think that all examinees should take the Bar Exam Cram Session?

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  1. There are so many small, but required, issues that most examinees do not know and as a result fail to address and then fail the exam. Our Bar Exam Cram Session provides you with this information.
  2. Every single subject and subtopic tests unexpected issues. These issues are missed simply because most examinees never learn what the California Bar Examiners are looking for in a passing or above passing essay answer.
  3. Most examinees study very hard. But, unfortunately, most of their study is way too far away from the actual exam. Most examinees fail to learn the context of the rules and how the rules play out on a passing answer.
  4. Every successful bar examinee has had to bridge the gap between law school, their bar prep course and the actual bar exam. Spending countless hours reviewing and memorizing outlines will not prove very useful if you are not able recognize what is truly at issue in each essay on bar exam or the MBEs on exam day.
  5. Most examinees know and memorize the obvious issues, but few learn or understand the finer points that the California Bar Examiners require for a passing bar exam. The Bar Exam Cram Session focuses on the nuanced and unknown issues that most be addressed.

Do you know what POV means? If you don’t know it and you do not address it on a First Amendment Speech essay, you will fail.

Do you know when you should discuss Legal Relevance on an Evidence essay? The answer is that you should use and apply Legal Relevance sparingly and, only when there is a true Legal Relevance issue. Addressing Legal Relevance for every call wastes time and worse, it lets the grader know that you really do not understand the concept of Legal Relevance. If you do not learn when Legal Relevance must be addressed and where it should not be addressed you will miss points.

Did you know that if you are faced with a Trusts essay that includes a charitable trust that you just address the Rule Against Perpetuities? You do not have to actually write out the Rule Against Perpetuities or provide a detailed discussion of RAP. But, you do need to let the Bar Examiners know that “the Rule Against Perpetuities does not apply to Charitable Trusts.” Also add: “However, If this Charitable Trust should ever become a ‘Private Trust,’ the Rule Against Perpetuities would apply.” If you do not address this point, it will be hard to get a high score. There are many other “hidden” or unknown issues in Trusts. This is addressed in the Bar Exam Cram Session. Watch the video below for how to handle this mostly unknown, but required issue.

Did you know that on every Defamation essay you will need to briefly address the possibility of the plaintiff recovering for Intentional Emotional Distress even though the facts do not suggest IIED? If you do not, you will lose points.

Did you know that Defamation exams will always require either a discussion of the Privacy Torts or the Economic Torts? Most examinees do not know that despite there being no facts to show that there was 1) a contract in existence at the time the defamatory statement was made, 2) that the defendant knew about the contract, 3) that the defendant intended to interfere with the contract, and 4) that the plaintiff lost income or clients. If you do not recognise when and where you need to identify the Economic Torts (interference with Contract and Interference with Prospective Advantage) or the Privacy Torts you will likely fail.

These are just a few of the many “hidden” issues that are required to write a passing or above passing essay. There are more for Trusts and so many for all of the other bar tested topics. Unfortunately, most examinees go into the bar exam without this “inside information” and then fail as a result.

Here is a video that addresses just a few of the many required issues that most examinees fail to spot and fail to address: Why You Should Take the Bar Exam Cram Session

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I look forward to seeing you via Zoom on Saturday, July 16th!

All the best in your studies!

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