Bar Exam: When Should I Start Studying?

Hello Bar Takers!

For those of you who just took the February 2022 Bar Exam, you may wonder if you should study while waiting for results. This is a personal choice. Whether you feel great about your performance on the February Bar Exam or if you felt lousy about or somewhere in between, you may want to study some. Here is the thing – if you put in some time studying between now and bar results and you receive passing results, you will not likely regret the time you gave up studying. But, if you study some now and get bad news on results day, you will be grateful that you hit the books at least some.

For those of you who did not take the February bar, but plan to take the July bar exam, you definitely should start your studies early! The most common statement I hear from bar examinees who have not passes, is that they wish they had more time to study. If you do not know when to start, what to start studying or where to focus, then our Free Bar Exam Blue PrintTM Workshop is for you!

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