What Should You do on Monday before the Bar Exam?

Hello Bar Takers!

I am wishing you all the very best of luck on Tuesday!

Here are a few tips on how to use your remaining time. Please watch this short video for last minute tips!

How Should I Spend My Time on Monday?

If you are staying at a hotel, get situated and make sure you have everything you need. If you feel more calm by studying a little, then study a little. Just do not pull an all nighter. Above all, do whatever you need to do to be positive. It is far better to go into the bar exam with confidence and a positive attitude than to walk in dreading what is coming.

Think of it this way: not everyone has the opportunity to sit for the bar exam. You created this opportunity for yourself. I felt like it was a privilege to sit for the exam, that walking into the exam room was a culmination of hard work and dedication and, while I was a little terrified, I was also proud to have put myself in the the position of sitting for the bar exam. So, please do not forget what you accomplished to get to this point. Do your best to derive confidence from your trek.

Please watch the video, if nothing else, it could serve to calm your nerves!

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I wish everyone the best of luck on the California bar exam!


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