Increase Your Chances of Passing the Bar Exam Now!

Hello Bar Takers!

Come May, wouldn’t it be great to tell everyone that you passed the February 2022 bar exam? Thousands of students credit their passing to Bar None Review and, in particular, to the Bar Exam Cram Session.

But time is running out! I just want you to know that enrollment for the February 5th Bar Exam Cram Session closes on Wednesday, February 2nd at midnight Pacific Standard Time. We just extended the deadline by one day. But, after that, enrollment closes.

Click here to learn more and to sign up! You will receive predictions and selected essays within a few minutes of signing up!

All students receive the exam predictions and 22 – 30 essays that reflect the predicted areas. During the Bar Exam Cram Session, I will review approaches with you for the most commonly tested areas on the California Bar Exam. Most importantly, I will share insights with you about extra issues the California Bar Examiners expect you to address.

To get an idea of what the coverage is like, watch this video where I cover the First Amendment Speech approach! I do believe that First Amendment Speech (either as a straight forward Constitutional Law essay or as Commercial Speech in the Attorney Advertising area) could show up on the February 2022 bar exam. The rest of my predictions will be made available to those who sign up for the February 5th Bar Exam Cram Session.

I do not read outlines to you. Instead, I go over approaches and how to write passing answers. We usually have time to also cover our approach for the Performance Test. Students also receive a ten day study plan for the last ten days leading up to the bar exam.

So much of the bar exam can be reduced to approaches like the one above. The best way to prepare is to go into the bar exam with approaches for as many topics as possible.

Students take this class alone or as a supplement to their bar prep. It really helps you to prepare and truly be ready for the final weeks and days of bar prep by focusing you on exam approaches that not only work for the essays, but are also very helpful for the MBE section.

There is still time to sign up for the Bar Exam Cram Session, but registration will close Wednesday February 2nd at midnight (PST).

This video helps explain why you should choose the Bar Exam Cram Session. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE VIDEO BELOW WAS PREPARED FOR THE JULY 2021 BAR EXAM, WHILE THE CONTENT IS STILL UP TO DATE, THE SIGN UP DATES THAT POP UP ON THE VIDEO ARE NO LONGER VALID. I AM THE BAR EXAM GURU, BUT NOT A VIDEO EDITING GURU! I hope to see you via Zoom on February 5th! It is time to PASS the California Bar Exam!

Increase your chances of being able to tell everyone that you PASSED the California Bar Exam!