California Bar Exam: In Person for February 2022!

The California State Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the February 2022 Bar Exam will return to the in-person exam.

There are several reasons for this. First, the experimental online version of the California Bar Exam was rife with problems. Many examinees computers crashed mid exam due to memory problems caused by the required video and audio monitoring. Exam Soft did not anticipate this strain on memory and crashed because of a lack of memory which left many examinees for the July 2021 exam shut down. It is not clear how these crashes will be accommodated.

I think all examinees will be much happier with an in-person exam. Welcome back to being able to use scratch paper for the essays and PT and say goodbye to that awful split screen!

While many are applauding the California State Supreme Court for this recent decision, you really have the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) to thank. The NCBE decided in June that it would no longer provide an online option for the MBE. That means that any state bar exam in the country that wants to continue providing the exam online, would have to create their own multiple choice questions. There is no way that the California Bar Examiners are going to do that.

I am really glad for examinees that California is returning to the in person exam, This does not mean that your laptop might not crash, but it is certainly a much better option.

The February 2022 Bar Exam is 121 days away! That is not a lot of time, especially when you factor in holidays.

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All the best to everyone who is waiting for bar results and to everyone who is preparing for the February 2022 bar exam!


Lisa Duncanson
Founder/Program Director
Bar None Review
Author, Bar Exam Guru Blog