Bar Exam Offer Ends Soon!

Hello Bar Takers,

We still have room in the Bar Exam Cram Session on Saturday, July 17th. However, registration will close at midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time.

Sign up before registration closes!

If you choose to sign up, you will receive the Bar Exam Guru’s Predictions and Selected Essays that reflect her Predictions. In addition, you will receive our 10 day study plan to utilize in your last 10 days leading up to the bar exam.

The coverage during the Bar Exam Cram Session is dynamic and focuses on how to approach the essays and to ensure that you know how to begin each essay. There are so many insights that will be shared that really are not available in standard outlines. For example, the tack on issues that the California Bar Examiners expect you to include (that are not obvious). Knowing that the essay is a Defamation essay is not enough. You need to know that the Bar Examiners expect three to four tack on issues when writing a Defamation exam.

This is true of every topic tested on the California Bar Exam.

Our approach driven session will also help you improve on your MBEs.

For an example of what the Bar Exam Guru covers during the Bar Exam Cram Session, watch this video on the First Amendment Speech Approach.

Start pulling everything together for the bar exam with the Bar Exam Cram Session!