California Bar Exam: What Should You Study Right Now?

Hello Bar takers!

As you know the California Bar Exam is right around the corner. Here are some tips about how to study in the remaining days leading up to the exam.

  • Read and review past California Bar essays and the released answers. Your goal between now and the bar exam should be to review at least 50 past California Bar Exam essays, and preferably as many as 80 to 100. If you do this, you will accomplish a few very important things; 1) you will improve your issue spotting by seeing what the what the California Bar Examiners embrace, and 2) by following my recommendation, you will actually be conducting a substantive review in the context of the actual essay exams, and 3) memorization will come much easier for you because you are studying in the context of the real text. Finally, by reviewing many past California Bar essays, you will likely see essays on exam day that are very similar. For instruction on how to work through the essays in the most efficient and productive way, see this short video.
  • Work on your approaches to every subject. The last thing any bar examinee should be doing is to try to put together an approach for an essay on the day of the exam. Instead, you should go into the exam with memorised approaches for each subject and each sub-topic. This might not seem realistic to take on so close to the July bar exam. But, I promise you that it will improve your chances and help you write passing and above passing essay answers. For an approach to First Amendment Speech essays, watch this short video. This is the way I cover the topics in the Bar Exam Cram Session. If you feel overwhelmed, then consider taking our Bar Exam Cram Session on Saturday July 17th.
  • Make sure that you work on practice MBEs every day from today up through the Friday before the bar exam.. Do not worry about what you have or have not done prior to today. Instead, simply move forward. The number of MBEs you complete is less important than your frequency. It is important to complete MBEs on a daily basis during this time of your studies. This does not mean that you should work through fifty or a 100 MBEs every day, but doing some MBEs everyday (even just 15 or 20 a day) is very important. You want to keep at the MBEs on a daily basis so that you do not get out of the routine of doing MBEs. For more on how to study for the MBEs, watch this video.

I wish you all the very best of luck in the coming weeks and days!

All the best,

Lisa Duncanson