Need to Pass the Bar Exam? There is still time to make this happen!

Watch this video to learn how our next Bar Exam Cram Session could help you pull everything together just in time for the July 2021 Bar Exam.

The Bar Exam Cram Session is more than a condensed substantive review of the most likely subjects. The Cram Session clarifies what you should focus on and commit to memory. But, perhaps most important is that our students learn key insights into what the California Bar Examiners embrace in above passing essay answers.

This information is easy to find if you were to read and review every past California Bar Exam essay and answers from the early 1980s to the present. But, who has time for that? I do, and I did. I have reviewed all of these essays repeatedly over the years. This review made it very clear that there are small, but required, issues on every essay subtopic the are missed by most examinees. These issues are embraced by the California Bar Examiners yet are unexpected by most every bar examinee because it is not highlighted or memorable in a 150 page subject outline and it is not addressed in model answers. These are things that I cover in the live Bar Exam Cram Session. Students who attend our Bar Exam Cram Sessions tell us that they learn “inside information” about what is expected on each essay topic and have a new found confidence when going into the bar exam.

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