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Hello Bar Takers,

I am doing something new – providing free videos on how to study for the California Bar Exam! Click here to watch my latest video on how to improve your MBEs scores.

Please watch this video about how to improve your MBE scores in time for July 2021!

Also, we still have space in our Bar Exam Cram Session on July 17, 2021! Students who signed up yesterday have already received our predictions and 30 sample essays to review and study that are tailored to what is most likely to be tested.

Do you know what your practice MBE score needs to be in order to be successful on the actual bar exam? The practice score you need to achieve is at least 85%. I work with my students so that they achieve over 90% on the practice MBEs. If you are comparing yourself to a “national average” which is typically around 62%, and thinking that having earned 70% on your practice MBEs is enough, your are in big trouble. The national average is no way near the score you need to have in order pass the California Bar Exam or the New York bar exam. So if you are taking either exam, you are on notice that you need to achieve at least 85% on your practice MBEs, in order to pass the actual MBEs on day two! So how do you achieve scores that high? Follow the instructions in the video and you will get there! There is absolutely enough time still to improve your MBEs before the July 2021 bar exam!

Follow the instructions in this video and I guarantee you that your scores will improve. Do not dilute your studies by reviewing non NCBE MBEs. Most examinees are unaware of the fantastic resources that are available at the National Conference of Bar Examiner’s website.

How to Improve Your MBE Scores!

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