July Bar Exam: Cram Session and Predictions!

Hello Bar Takers,

Our next, and final, Bar Exam Cram Session for the July 2021 Bar Exam is on Saturday, July 17th.

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Each bar round I make predictions for the essays. While I do not have a crystal ball, I have had a pretty good history of making accurate predictions. For the past six bar rounds the predictions have been 100% accurate. I have studied the exam for over 25 years and base my predictions on many factors. Mostly, my predictions are based upon patterns I have seen over decades of bar exams. I have studied every bar exam essay and performance test from the 1980s to present day.

Did you know that the California Bar Examiners have tested Subjacent and Lateral Support on the essay only twice? The first time was in 1989 and the second time was in February 2013, when the bar examiners repeated the same issues. My students were given that 1989 bar essay and answers along with other essays that I felt were important for the February 2013 bar round. You can imagine how confident it made them feel when they saw the same essay on the actual bar exam.

I can not guarantee that this will be your experience, but I can guarantee that an in-depth review of past California Bar Exams and having quick approaches and concise definitions will improve your chances and increase your confidence on exam day.

The California bar examiners repeat the same essay fact patterns over and over. Sometimes topics repeat back to back while other topics go untested for 10 years or more. For example, Criminal Law Murder was last tested on the February 2008 bar exam. It is due. Other topics come up more frequently and are therefore more likely on a given bar round. Still, I always review the past five bar exam rounds and look for what I think is most likely to appear. While I can make no guarantees, my predictions have consistently been very accurate. For the past six bar rounds, I have had a 100% accuracy in my predictions.

But, predictions are not the main reason to sign up for the Bar Exam Cram Session. You will receive our Bar Exam Cram Sheets with concise definitions and approaches that are easy to memorize. And most importantly, I will teach you how to apply the approaches so that your answers are on point and address the correct issues. I will also teach you the “unexpected or unknown” issues that the bar examiners are looking for in a passing answer. And, I will teach how to format your essays answers to make your answers passing at a glance. When your approach to each topic is clear, your answers to each topic will fall into place. In my 26 years of providing bar prep, I have successfully prepared thousands of students. This is a tried and true method.

This Bar Exam Cram Session always sells out. So be sure to sign up while space is still available!

Whatever you decide to do, stay positive about this upcoming exam and believe in yourself!

All the best of luck in July!

Lisa Duncanson, the Bar Exam Guru