Bar Exam Updates!

Hello Bar Takers!

The February 2021 Bar Exam Results will be released on May 7, 2021. This is great news as February bar exam results are typically released in the middle of May. A little shorter wait for those of you waiting for February 2021 bar results. I am wishing all the best to those of you who are waiting for results! Let’s hope the pass rates continue to improve!

So what is going on for the July 2021 bar exam?

The exam will be held on July 27 and July 28. The bar exam is still in the online format. If you are taking the July 2021 bar exam, you should read all of the information that the California Bar Examiners provide to assist you in taking the exam in this new online format. Here are two links that I highly recommend:

Details you must know in order to take the bar exam online: Instructions for taking the California Bar Exam Online You really need to review this document. The California Bar Examiners prepared it for bar examinees and you would be remiss if you do not read through it carefully.

For more information about the mechanics of taking the bar exam online go to: July 2021 Bar Exam FAQS

Both links above provide great information for what you need to know logistically for the new bar exam format. It is a must read if you are taking the July 2021 California Bar Exam.


This may seem obvious, but I can tell you that certain things can become tricky. For example, during the few months leading up to the October 2020 California Bar Exam the California Bar Examiners had the usual deadlines for uploading Exam Soft on your laptop. However, there were updates to the software after those deadlines. In every case, the California Bar Examiners sent out an email to registered examinees to download the update by a specific time. Bar examinees who did not check their email and did not download the update within the required time period were not able to take the bar exam. No test, no refund . . . just heartbreaking disappointment for the lost opportunity.

Understand that the California Bar Examiners are not flexible in their rules. There are many good reasons for this – the ability to manage the exam in the best way possible for all examinees and to maintain the integrity of the exam. Every bar round I receive phone calls and emails from examinees asking what to do about a missed deadline. The answer is – there is nothing you can do. You will not get your money back, you will not be able to put it towards the next examination – it is simply gone. Worse, examinees who miss deadlines for downloading Examsoft and any required Examsoft updates, are delayed and must wait to sit for the next bar exam.


Make sure you check the email address that you provide to the California State Bar to stay up to date on any changes or new deadlines. Changes are more likely given the new online format. It is your responsibility to stay informed.

The links provided above include deadlines for timely and late filing for the California Bar Exam. However, be aware that deadline changes to Examsoft can happen if there are any updates. So be sure to check your email regularly. If you miss an update, there is no forgiveness and you will not be able to sit for the exam until the next round. I mention all of this because of the sheer numbers of people that call our office asking us to help them with getting around this mistake. So stay on top of it, your future is in the balance.

I will be providing more videos soon. I will keep you posted here!

All the best to everyone waiting for bar results!

Lisa Duncanson
Founder/CEO Bar None Review
Blog: BarExamGuru


  1. Hi Lisa!

    Do you have a firm date as to when you will be releasing the program with the bar exam predictions? Thanks!

    Sincerely, Solmaz Nasr


    • Hello Solmaz, Thank you for following the blog! Each bar exam round I provide bar exam “predictions.” These predictions are made available first to students who have enrolled in one of our bar review programs. I do usually make the Predictions and Selected Essays that reflect my predictions available for purchase to the public about two to three weeks before the bar exam. There are many reasons for this later release. First students who have enrolled in one of our programs are paying for the extra edge over non-enrolled students. Second I do not always finalize all of my predictions until the exam is a bit closer. The way I come up with my predictions is by studying previous bar exam rounds going back about five years each time. During our bar prep programs I release the predictions I make along the way with detailed reasons why I think the particular essay scenario is likely. It isn’t something I simply come up with over night. But, my enrolled students receive these as I develop my predictions. This gives our students time to review the essays and materials early.

      I know that examinees want the predictions as soon as possible. Because of the interest, I began making the predictions available a few years ago as part of a Bar Exam Cram Package that includes what I believe are the most likely areas for testing, about 15 to 20 past essays and answers that reflect what I am predicting, a complete set of the Bar Exam Cram Sheets and a 10 day study plan. I obviously make this available at least 10 days before the exam.

      Because my focus is on my enrolled students and because they pay for the priority of receiving the predictions as I make them, I owe it to these students to provide it to them first. However, once all the predictions are finalised, I usually make it available a few weeks before the bar exam.

      If you are interested in receiving this information earlier, I would suggest our Bar Exam Cram Session that will be held on Saturday, May 29th. For more information on this session see our courses page on the blog.

      Thank you again for your interest and for following the blog. Also, we have two free, “How to Pass the California Bar Exam” workshops coming up in May!

      All the best,

      Lisa Duncanson