MBE Attack Plan

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Do you feel like you are hanging by a thread trying to master the MBEs? If so, it is pretty normal. But, it means you need to change things up.

Help with MBEs

I have posted my MBE Attack Plan previously, but I want to share it again. I first posted this in 2007, the first year I started writing this blog.

I have also included an approach for making MBE flash cards. Please note: I no longer recommend the Finz MBE books. My preference for my students is to work from actual NCBE MBEs. While the questions do change, the facts that give rise to a “taking by force” to support a robbery are always the same. This is why it is so important to use only the NCBE MBEs in your studies.

I hope this helps you!

MBE Attack Plan

How to Make MBE Flashcards

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A recent testimonial from on of our July 2019 Bar Exam Cram Session students:

On Friday, December 6, 2019, 09:55:25 AM PST, John <jtv….@gmail.com> wrote:
“Lisa – I PASSED!!!

I registered for your Bar Exam Cram Session and Predictions prior to the July 2019 bar exam, and I wanted to let you know how helpful I found the selection of essays you sent to us. I particularly wanted to commend you for going the extra mile and providing us a few additional exam essays after the bar examiners released the topic list the weekend before the exam. 
Your checklist on Free Exercise / Establishment Clause / Equal Protection and TROs was crucial to me sailing through the Con Law / Remedies question. If I recall correctly, the call of the question was to explain the likelihood of a church obtaining a preliminary injunction / temporary restraining order / declaratory relief and then walk through the Free Exercise / Establishment Clause issues. Because I memorized your checklist, I started every answer with the elements of the remedy. I analyzed the remedy first, and then discussed the constitutional analysis in the context of the remedy (for instance, providing the Free Exercise Clause / Free Exercise / Equal Protection levels of scrutiny within the “likelihood of success on the merits” saved time and showed the examiners that I understood that each question was asking for a remedy, not a con law treatise). I followed your approaches for the other essays.
I felt so confident that I had thoroughly analyzed the con law question that the confidence carried me through the rest of the exam.
Thank you for sticking with us through the entire exam.
I passed!
Thanks again.

All the best in your studies for the February 2002 Bar Exam!

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