Bar Exam Guru’s Essay Predictions Available Now! Receive via email in 15 minutes!

Receive the Bar Exam Guru’s Essay Predictions electronically, via email in 15 minutes! The Essay Predictions are detailed and include links to likely essay scenarios as well as detail selected essays and answers for the likely repeater subjects.
Typically the Bar Exam Guru’s essay predictions are only made available to her enrolled students. But, for a very limited period of time, you can order the predictions and accompanying selected essays and receive these via email. The odds are that you will, like our past students, see an essay (or multiple essays) on the exam that are very similar to what we sent out. This is because 1) the Bar Exam Guru has studied the California bar exam for over twenty years and based on this experience has been able to make sound predictions and 2) the California bar examiners repeat exam fact patterns over and over again.
On the last two bar exams, each topic tested was from the predicted essay scenarios.
In addition to the detailed and comprehensive predictions, you will receive selected essays and answers to reflect the likely testing on the exam. There is also a focus on “possible repeaters” from the February 2019 exam that may be more likely to appear on the July 2019 bar exam. The Bar Exam Guru also provides sample essays and answers for these areas.
The odds that these essays, or something very similar, will appear on the July 2019 California bar exam are very high. Get an edge and focus on the right stuff in the final days leading up to the bar exam!

To purchase your set of Predictions and Associated Essays & Answers, click here!

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 5.32.27 PM
The Bar Exam Guru’s Essay Predictions and Selected Essays and Answers are AVAILABLE NOW!


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