13 Days to the California Bar Exam!

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For those of you preparing for the California Bar Exam, time is really of the essence now!

With just 13 days left until the bar exam it is critical to figure out what you are going to focus on in these final days leading up to the exam.

deadline stopwatchMost examinees are focused on memorization. However, it is really important to have a plan of attack and not just an open ended “I am studying for the bar exam all day and night.”What you do now can actually have the biggest impact on your performance on the bar exam. So here some study tips for the next 13 days:

Study Tips for the Final Days Leading Up to the Bar Exam

First, while memorization is important and should be a part of every day from here on out, it is also very important to spend time in the test. For example, regardless of how many essays you have written, reviewed or not written or reviewed, NOW, right NOW, is the time to review past California essays and answers. The more you review, the more you are likely to see something similar on day one of the California bar exam! How great would it be to walk into the bar exam and see essays that you had just read and studied days or a week before the real test!

Another benefit of studying past California bar exam essays is that you are reviewing the substantive law in the context of the actual exam. And, these exams repeat over and over. The more essays that you can review and get exposure to prior to the bar exam, the better.

Second, if you are taking the MBE portion of the exam, you should be completing MBEs every day. You should also make time to complete at least 2 sets of 100 mixed MBEs (from a good source: NCBE, The Strategies and Tactics for the MBE by Walton and Emanuel). While it might be your goal to complete 200 MBEs in one day, it is perfectly fine to complete 100 mixed MBEs in one day 25 the next day and then complete another 100 set of mixed MBEs the third day. It is important to have this “workout” of your brain and ability to sit and concentrate on completing 100 MBEs within time. Think of it as if it were weight lifting.

Third, put together a plan for the last days. It is so important to stay on track. You need to move through topics everyday so that the material is fresh when you get to the bar. You really don’t have time at this point to spend four study days on property. Instead, review 4 or 5 property essays, reviewing and studying the answers to each. Then you might work on either mixed MBEs or completing 30 or 40 property MBEs followed by a substantive (brief, condensed) review of Property.

I will provide a few essays that I think are worth taking a close look at prior to the bar exam.

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We have updated our Bar Exam Cram Sheets for the February 2019 California bar exam (including an update to all of the California distinctions). This is critical as the California bar examiners have really started to test the California distinctions (California Civil Procedure was finally tested for the first time this past year)! 

It is so important to have a condensed set of materials, containing approaches, that you can begin to memorize now. 100 page outlines for 15 subjects simply isn’t manageable in these remaining days. Our Bar Exam Cram Sheets have been condensed based upon what the Bar Examiners test over and over again, truly vetting for you what you actually need to know.

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Typically the Bar Exam Guru’s essay PREDICTIONS are only made available to her enrollled students. But, this year is different, you can order the predictions and accompanying selected essays now and receive the highly sought after predictions the same day you order. This includes additional emails during the remaining days leading up the California Bar Exam. The Bar Exam Guru continues to share her insights and exclusive study tips for the February 2019 Bar Exam all the way up through the exam. Join now while there is still room and secure your spot! Each bar round these emails are tailored to what was most recently tested and what has not been tested recently on the exam. The odds are that you will, like our past students, see an essay (or multiple essays) on the exam that are similar to what we sent out. This is because the bar examiners repeat exam fact patterns over and over again. 

A study plan for the last ten days of study – via email the day you pay.

Students receive a ten day study plan to utilized during the final (and most critical) ten days leading up to the bar exam. We will help you adapt our study plan to your schedule whether you are an attorney taker, someone who is studying full time, or someone who is working full time and can only study on nights and on weekends. We make sure you have a plan to make those final days count! By signing up now, you will receive your 10 day study plan today and can easily make modifications to the plan as needed. Also, we include instructions on how to adapt the 10 study plan to suit your specific needs.

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More on the Bar Exam Cram Sheets:

The Bar Exam Cram Sheets provide a condensed coverage of the black letter law, including concise definitions and approaches that are easy to memorize in the final days leading up to the bar exam. Each subject is 2 to 4 pages in length. Each topic includes approaches, the recommended headings you should use on your essay answers, and California distinctions (highlighted in red). This highly effective tool, has helped hundreds of students focus on what they really need to know for the California bar exam. Normally these materials are only available to our enrolled students and provided only during class. Click the links below for excerpts of the Bar Exam Cram Sheets. These materials is a great supplement to any California bar prep program or can be used as a standalone. I am not a fan of 100 page outlines – it is simply too much to work with and try to memorize in these final days leading up to the bar exam. The Bar Exam Cram Sheets will provide you with concise definitions that are manageable and will help you reflect the knowledge the California bar examiners want to see from passing examinees!

Criminal Procedure Cram Sheet Excerpt

Consititutional Law Cram Sheet Excerpt

Evidence Cram Sheet Excerpt

By signing up today, you will receive (TODAY): the detailed bar exam predictions email with sample essays to review for each predicted area, The Digging Deeper Email Series (TODAY) with study tips and more detail about where to focus your time (including how to make the best use of this post holiday weekend) and your 10-Day Study Plan (TODAY), the earlier you receive this information, the more time you will have to make use of it.

The Bar Exam Guru is making her highly sought after essay and predictions available right now along with downloadable essays that show examples of these highly likely essay topics. Normally this information is reserved for students enrolled in one of our full bar review programs. Although we always release predictions to the public, and for free, it is something we do just days prior the bar exam.

In no way am I suggesting that I can predict what is going to be tested on the bar exam. However, I do think it is helpful to consider certain essay scenarios and to plan for these possible essay scenarios so as to be better prepared for the bar exam.

In addition, it is critical that you have approaches to every essay topic in order to do well on the essay portion of the exam. This is what I believe is missing from the Big Box bar prep companies’ materials. The Bar Exam Cram Sheets provide great approaches and clear and concise definitions in a format that is easy to get through and easy to memorize. The black letter law is the black letter law. Now is the time for short and succinct (but complete) rules that you can memorize. If you sign up today – you will receive the predictions and sample essays today via email, your ten day study plan today via email and your Bar Exam Cram Sheets Book (51 pages, covering all tested subjects, including all California distinctions) will be mailed the same day or next day if ordered by 6:00 pm PST.

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Cram Session Materials

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