Bar Exam: Getting Support From Family & Friends

Hi All,

Taking the bar exam is such a challenging and all consuming effort. Often family and friends really want to help, but simply do not know how. If you are taking the February 2018 bar exam you may want to share this short video (click on link below) with your family and friends for ways they can be a support to you in the coming weeks of bar prep.

How You Can Help A Loved One Pass The Bar Exam


All the best to everyone studying for the bar exam!

Lisa Duncanson
Founder/Program Director


  1. The first time I was studying, I told everybody that I would reach out to them and not to reach out to me. I really isolated myself by doing that. The second time I took it, I relied on my friends and fiancé for support and advice. Fortunately, most of my friends had taken the exam so they understood what I needed when I called.

    Also, I found it really helpful to set ground rules with family at the very beginning of bar prep including: don’t ask me if I feel prepared, don’t ask me if I’m nervous, and don’t ask me how I think I did/if I passed. It was so helpful to be on the same page up front so I didn’t snap at them during studying.

    • Thank you for your comment and for following the blog! These are all great suggestions. Setting ground rules for family and friends is really important. People want to help, but often simply don’t know how. I did the same thing in telling family and friends to not ask me how my studying was going and to stop asking if I thought I was going to pass or not. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, great advice! And congratulations on passing the bar exam!

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