California Bar Results: Congratulations to all who Passed the California Bar Exam!

Hello all,

Congratulations to all who passed the July 2017 California bar exam! So proud of testimonials like this that have been coming in since last night! We are so happy for our students and look forward to helping more student pass the February 2018 bar exam!

There is still room in our free “How to Pass the New 2-Day California Bar Exam” workshop this coming Monday, located in Costa Mesa, California. This workshop will be held from 7:00 pm to 9:30 and will be taught by our Course Founder, Lisa Duncanson, also know as: the Bar Exam Guru. Students will have an opportunity to meet with Ms. Duncanson. Students will receive our Guide to Passing the California Bar Exam, writing approaches (including selected Bar Exam Writing Templates) as well as strategies and techniques to ensure success on the February 2018 bar exam. Pizza and beverages will be provided, parking is free.

We are grateful to be able to assist students not only all over the country, but internationally. The message below is from one of our students who took one of our Bar Exam Cram Sessions remotely from Japan:

“Dear Lisa,
This is Naoki M, from Osaka, Japan.
I’m writing you to tell I passed July 2017 CBX!
I attended your Cram Sessions last July​ via livestream.
I am grateful to you for you for arranging payment method from Japan, and was also very impressed by your course materials.
I believe it worked so well this time, especially as a repeat taker who really needed to organize lots of knowledge and get focused on fact patterns in time for the actual exam days.
I wish good luck on other applicants, and that many will enjoy your courses and pass the next time!
Best regards,
Naoki M.
Attorney at Law, Osaka, Japan”
Congratulations Naoki! And thank you for the feedback and testimonial!
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