California State Bar Launches New Website at:

Hi all,

This pertains to you! Changes are coming and here is one of the first: The State Bar of California just announced the launch of their brand new website:

The California State Bar stated that the “website redesign and overhaul comes at a time of ongoing reforms for the State Bar, and aims to provide greater accessibility for the public, attorneys and applicants.”

change use for state bar new site

I encourage you (whether you are a lawyer, a bar applicant or a law student) to check out the California State Bar’s new website and to navigate the new site and become familiar. So far in my review, it appears to be well organized and much easier to navigate. Bear in mind, that our past links to the California State Bar website (links to past exams, etc.) will not work as their website address has changed. This is a complete overhaul!

We will endeavor to update our links (for example to anything bar exam related). If you have saved any links on your own, these are no longer good (again, because their website address has changed).

Check out the new site! And afterwards, come back here and let us know what you think about the California Bar Exam’s new site. So far, I like it!

Don’t forget that we still have space in the June 3 and 4 Bar Exam Cram Session. We also have “live streaming” for those who can not attend in person. See my post from yesterday (below) for further details and links to register.

All the best in your studies!

Lisa Duncanson
Founder/Program Director
Bar None Review and Bar Exam Cram Session