California Bar Exam Essay & PTs Released

Hello all,

The California bar examiners have released the essays and performance tests from the February 2017 bar exam. You can find all six essays, as well as performance test A and B, here: February 2017 Bar Exam Essays and PTs

Bar results for the February 2017 bar exam will come out on May 12, 2017 – just one month from today!chess game

Sometimes the bar exam, and studying for it, seems like a chess  game where every move might need to be calculated and one misstep could mean disaster. But, things are changing (not necessarily for the better or that it will be easier, but things are changing). As of July 2017, the California bar exam will cease to be a three day bar exam. Will it become easier? Will pass rates go up? How should examinees prepare differently for a two day bar exam? This will all remain to be seen. But, as the California Bar Examiners (and ultimately the California State Supreme Court) grapple with how this exam should continue to be administered, calibrated and scored, there will be changes on the horizon.

All the best of luck to those who are waiting on results!


Lisa Duncanson
Bar Exam Guru
Founder/Program Director Bar None Review and Bar Exam Cram Session


    • Hello Lauren, Thank you for following the blog! The State Bar of California just did a very extensive overhaul of their website. As a result, links that worked even a week ago are no longer valid as the address has changed. Thank you for your comment. I will locate the questions from 2017 on their new site and update our link accordingly. Until then, check out their new site at: The site has changed completely. I definitely recommend reviewing their new site as they have announced that they are trying to provide more to both attorneys and applicants! Thank you again for following my blog! All the best, Lisa