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With the February bar exam just 8 days away, most bar review courses have long since wound down and you are kind of on your own. It can be a time where many examinees feel lost. So to help you feel a little less lost, each year I send out tips to those who want to sign up for our tips list. And, of course I continue to write posts here on the blog.


Stay tuned for more Bar Exam Predictions and essay scenarios! Also, I will be posting a step by step approach for writing a Criminal Law Murder essay. I will also post a step by step approach for writing First Amendment Speech essays (yes, Constitutional Law was tested last time and YES, it could repeat and often repeats, so you need to be prepared)!

Don’t want to wait for the predictions? It is not too late to become one of our enrolled students!

Our enrolled students receive detailed predictions along with possible/likely essay scenarios and past California bar essays based upon the areas that I think might be more likely. While I do not, nor would I ever, claim to be able to predict what was going to be on the bar exam, I do think that it is helpful to consider essay scenarios that are either more  that we simply have not seen in some time and that many would, therefore, consider due.

We have two options available in these final days leading up to the bar exam.

Option One: The Final Bar Exam Review class You can attend in person in Los Angeles or via LIVE STREAM on February 18th. But, sign up today and you will receive our Extensive Predictions Email with Selected Sample Essays and Answers right away, along with a suggested study plan for the days leading up to the bar exam.

What is the Final Bar Exam Review? In the Final Bar Exam Review, I teach my students live, how to actually write likely essays, how to identify sleeper/hidden issues that most people miss, how to get the points you need – the points that can make the difference in re-read and make the difference between passing comfortably and not passing, how to use the proper form for the essays and the performance test. Our students love this session, and many say it was the one thing that pushed them across the finish line. This time, anyone, while space allows can join (in person or via live stream). For more information, a complete list of what is included and to sign up, click on the image below!


Option Two: Is a materials only version of our Bar Exam Cram Session that was offered earlier in the bar round. Both options include the extensive Predictions/Essay Scenario Email along with Selected Essays and Answers and a suggested study plan for the days leading up to the bar exam. Both programs include our Bar Exam Cram Sheets. The “10-Day Study Plan” is adaptable to having fewer days of study remaining. Our cut off for enrollment is Wednesday, February 15th at noon or when we run out, whichever is first. For more information and a complete list of what is provided, click on the image below:


Cram Session Materials


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