There are Still a Few Spots in the Bar Exam Cram Session!

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Bar None Review Team here – with the bar exam now just 20 days away, we wanted to let you know that we still have a few spots left in our Bar Exam Cram Session on February 4th & 5th!

Also, be sure to scroll down and read Lisa Duncanson’s (aka, the Bar Exam Guru’s) latest post about how to tackle the last 20 days leading up to the bar exam. She will be teaching this weekend’s Bar Exam Cram Session!

There are 20 Days left until the February California Bar Exam!  If you don’t know what to do in the final days leading up to the bar exam, then this two-day course may just be the thing for you!screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-2-09-48-am

Students leave this intense, comprehensive review feeling confident as we take what seems unmanageable and make it understandable.

Students range from first time takers to repeat bar takers, as well as attorney takers.

It isn’t just a condensed substantive review – it is a method and a strategy for passing the California bar exam.

Our method, created and perfected by Professor Lisa Duncanson (aka the Bar Exam Guru) provides students with a strategic approach to each bar tested subject.

Your registration provides you with the Bar Exam Cram Sheets, as well as a 10-Day Study Plan that kicks off after the Bar Exam Cram Session and tells you what to do, every day, for the last ten days leading up to the bar exam! This program can be taken in conjunction with another bar exam course or as a standalone program. We also send out sample essays and answers based upon the Bar Exam Guru’s exam predictions.

The 10 Day Study Plan is a detailed roadmap to use in the critical, finaldays leading up to the bar exam.

Make the most of the last two weeks before the bar exam!

For more information, click on the “sign up now” button, above. Or, call or email us at: 213-529-0990 or

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blog: (authored by Lisa Duncanson, the Bar Exam Guru)


    • Hello Lis, we are offering a streaming program on October 18th. Details to follow today on the blog. Also, if you would like more information, please email us at: I wish we could have provided the Bar Exam Cram Session via live stream, last weekend, but we were beta testing it and would never sell it until we knew the it would work well. It is proven and so now we can do it moving forward. As a result, we are adding in a Final Bar Exam Review of what I feel are the most likely topics to show up and how to approach each. We have done this in the past and students have loved it. But, this will be the first time we get to do it live streaming. I hope you can attend virtually. The course fees and details will be available today. All the best to you in your studies! Lisa Duncanson