California Bar Exam: Congratulations on Finishing Day Two!

Hello All,

Congratulations on completing day three of the California bar exam!

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Thank you to all who have written in about the first day’s essays. There have been many examinees who have written in concerned about their performance on the Civil Procedure essay. Also, there is definitely a dispute among examinees as to whether Remedies was a feature or not on the third essay yesterday. I mention this simply to give you some perspective.

You’ve been through two grueling days so far. So, now what?

Rest, review, relax (to the degree that you can) and be positive. Also, commit to really fighting for it tomorrow. Especially if you feel that day one didn’t go as well as you had hoped – then really go for it tomorrow. You can do it!

This exam is as much about sticking it out and keeping your head above water and simply not letting the exam get to you as it is learning the material and memorizing the law.

As far as what to study this evening – look to any topic that you feel is not your best and review it (preferably a condensed version). If you feel like all subjects are essentially equal for you (in terms of your memory of the rules etc.) then, I would spend some time reviewing the topics that I have suggested in my earlier predictions. Of course, no one can predict the exam. But, if Criminal Law Murder is tested – you will want to be sure the you have the approach memorized. If Constitutional Law is tested, you will likely need to address Article III Case or Controversy requirements. Be sure you know these elements.

Above all, be positive and commit to doing your absolute best tomorrow. Fight for it. Don’t forget the reasons why you wanted to be a lawyer in the first place. Think about that and remind yourself of how much you want it.

Thank you again to all who have written in and thank you for following my blog! Please feel free to write in about tomorrow’s essays as I will continue to post about the exam in the coming days.

And, while my enrolled students come first, if you have a question, feel free to email me at and I will do my best to get back to you.

All the best to you on day three!


Lisa Duncanson, Bar Exam Guru