Bar Exam: July 2016 Tips List!

pexels-photo-132681Hello All,

With the February just 8 days away, most bar review courses have wound down and you are on your own. It can be a time where many examinees feel lost. So to help you feel a little less lost, each year I send out tips to those who want to sign up for our tips list. And, of course I continue to write posts here on the blog.



Stay tuned for more Bar Exam Predictions and essay scenarios! Don’t want to wait for the predictions? We

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    • Hello Henrissa, due to your request and the requests of many others, we have decided to release the bar Exam Cram Sheets and our Predictions, essays based upon those predictions as well as our 8 or 10 Day Study Plan. You can take a look at this on our home page. We posted it just a couple of days ago.

      Wishing you the very best in your studies and on the bar exam!