Bar Exam: First Recap

approval-female-gesture-hand-41373Hello All,

Congratulations on completing one of the last three day bar exams in the country! (More on the upcoming changes to the California bar exam in another post).

CAVEAT: I have not seen the essays and so my comments here are based solely upon examinees’s reports. Still, the more I hear, the more I am able to piece together and I think it is certainly safe to say that if you took today’s exam, then you know that Contracts featured prominently.

In fact, the question of the day today was this: “Did I really just see two Contracts essays?” Well, yes, yes you did.

If you read my post on Tuesday, you may recall that I mentioned that you should not put any of the topics that were tested on Tuesday’s essays away. This is because the bar examiners have been known to test the same essay topic on more than one essay out of the six essays. Yes, two essays on the same topic – with some variations, sure – but still the same topic on two separate essays.

So, while I think that most were not expecting to see two Contracts essays on day three, Contracts has shown up on two out of the six essays before. (Incidentally, so too has Professional Responsibility and Evidence).  Still, today was not likely what most examinees were expecting. So, I wanted to weigh in tonight to simply put you at ease and confirm that yes, it appears that Contracts appeared on more than one of today’s three essays. One of the Contracts essays tested the Common Law of Contracts (among other issues) and the other tested the Uniform Commercial Code. Again, understand that I have not seen the exam and so I am relying solely upon reports from examinees. Remedies was also tested along with what appears to have been a fairly straightforward Evidence essay.

So, this guru’s “predictions” were six for six. I am pleased with that.

If you would like to provide more detail, you can do so by leaving a comment here on my blog or by emailing me at:

I am waiting on more reports about the exam before I say much more. I am also waiting for the exam to actually be over with – remember that some examinees have accommodations that allow for time and a half or double time. This means that for some examinees the exam goes on for six days. Since there are still examinees sitting for the bar exam through this Sunday, I will postpone any discussion of the performance test until next week out of respect for the exam and the process.

I did, however, want to simply say that yes, Contracts appears to have made an appearance on two of today’s three essays. And as was expected, Remedies and Evidence were also tested. I will write more after I hear more.

Congratulations again on completing the exam and all the best of luck to those who are still taking the exam over the next few days!

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