California Bar Exam: Day Three!

person-girl-human-joy-615334Congratulations, you are almost done with the California bar exam! Right now examinees are one performance test away from the finish line. Maybe this afternoon’s PT will have some Constitutional Law on it . . . I don’t know of course, but since we thought it might repeat on the essays, maybe it will show up this afternoon. The good news is that it doesn’t matter what it tested on the pt as it is a closed universe, everything you need is there, kind of exam. The biggest challenge is simply moving through the materials in a timely fashion so that you get to writing and have time to write the document or documents you are asked to prepare. Choose to finish on time, keep close watch of the time throughout the three hours you are allotted and make sure that you allow enough time to write your answer. Remember, the examiners will only grade what they see – so make sure you have enough time to write!

Remember to stay positive and write your heart out! Thank you again for following my blog!

Wishing everyone all the best of luck this afternoon!

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