California Bar Exam Workshop – Last Free Class before July 2015 Bar Exam Plus BONUS Performance Test coverage!

pexels-photo-210661Hello all, 

We still have a few spots left in this evening’s workshop.  This is not just our everyday free, “How to Pass the California Bar Exam Workshop” 

Instead, tonight’s workshop will provide a few significant bonuses!

As a bonus, what will be different about this workshop?
  • I will address the Performance Test (including how to maximize points on this portion of the exam, how to start organized and stay organized on the PT so that you can write a passing or better than passing answer)
  • I will give out my first set of bar exam predictions to you live in class.
To register, click on this link: 

This workshop is our last free workshop prior to the July 2015 bar exam! I will teach the same coverage with respect to how to pass the California bar exam. However, I will also spend time on how to properly approach the Performance Test and will give out my first set of predictions live.

***Parking is free. But to take advantage of free parking, please use the valet parking at the hotel and we will provide you with validation. Space is limited. 


    • Hello Shyneisha and thank you for your interest in our workshop. We would love to tape this offering however, it is not a small undertaking to do so. In order for sound to really come off well and to capture visually what is needed to be effective in particular from the standpoint of the Performance Test Coverage (including editing afterwards) it is not a small order. I completely appreciate your request and if there is any way that we could fulfill it, please know that we would if we could. We will certainly keep you apprised of any other offerings we have and if there are any that are taped in the future, we will happily make these available to you. Please do stay in touch and let us know if you would like to be added to our future workshop notifications list. All the best to you in your studies!