Congratulations on Completing Day One of the California Bar Exam!!!

pexels-photo-259704Hello all,

Thank you to all who wrote in with their insights on what was tested on today’s essay exams. I will be providing updated predictions once I hear more about what was tested this afternoon on the PT. However, I will not be discussing or writing anything about the PT until next week (after the bar exam has concluded) as some examinees take the exam over a six day period – taking PTA and PTB on Saturday and Sunday.

I am about to meet up with my students who are taking the exam here in Ontario. However, I will be back here with further tips and suggested areas of study a bit later this evening.

Until then, review for the MBE topics tomorrow (if you choose too) or simply get some rest. Above all, put today behind you. It is over, done with and all you should be focused on is what is ahead of you.

Be proud of your accomplishments today!

All the best,

Lisa Duncanson

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