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If you are taking the February 2015 bar exam and would like to join our February 2015 Bar Exam Tips List, and receive a copy of our Constitutional Law Handout on how to evaluate the constitutionality of a state or federal statute, you can do so by completing the form below.

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Incidentally, I do think that Constitutional Law is very possible – in particular, I think that the chances of your getting an exam testing a state statute that potentially places an undue burden on interstate commerce is very likely if you were to see Constitutional Law. This area of Constitutional Law has not been tested in several years and as a result is due. However, favorite areas for testing in Constitutional Law include: Privacy and First Amendment Speech. Still, if you were to see Constitutional Law, I am leaning more towards your seeing a state statute where your job essentially is to determine whether or not the state statute places an undue burden on interstate commerce. I will provide more detail on how to address this (approach and the typical issues to include) along with a sample essay testing this area. This will be provided as part of my February 2015 Bar Exam Tips.

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