Prepare For The February 2015 Bar Exam With The Two Day Bar Exam Cram Sessions

pexels-photo-230130Hello all,

All the best of luck to those who are waiting for bar results for the July 2014 bar exam!

For those of you who are preparing for the February 2015 bar exam, we have released our February 2015 Bar Exam Cram Session Schedule. We will conduct three separate Bar Exam Cram Sessions for the February 2015 Bar Exam. The dates are as follows (click on dates below for more information and to register):

Session I – December 13, 2014 & December 14, 2014

Session II – January 17, 2015 & January 18, 2015

Session III – February 7, 2015 & February 8, 2015

The Two Day Bar Exam Cram Sessions provide a condensed review of all bar tested topics and provide students with a tried and true approach for each essay tested topic. We tell you what you need to know, including what to write, when to write it, how much time to spend on particular issues and provide you with a proven approach to success on the California Bar Exam. You receive a complete set of The Bar Exam Cram Sheets, a study plan for the final ten days leading up to the bar exam and all of the Bar Exam Guru’s predictions and email updates up through the bar exam. See the links above for more detailed course information.

Stay tuned for more information about our February 2015 Civil Procedure MBE Maximizer Program, Score Maximizer Program and Writing Maximizer Program.

All the best to everyone waiting for bar results!

Lisa Duncanson

Founder/Program Director
Bar Exam Cram Session and Bar None Review
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  1. Hi Lisa,

    When will you be making your February 2015 CA bar exam predictions? I have read your past posts and it would be great to see what your thoughts are for February 2015. Thanks.

    • Hello Alice,

      Thank you for following the blog! I just posted some of my predictions. If you would like to receive tips and sample essays that go along with these predictions, please feel free to contact us at: and ask to be added to our February 2015 Bar Exam Tips List. All the best in your studies and on the February 2015 bar exam!
      Lisa Duncanson