California Bar Exam: Day Three . . . And That’s All She Wrote . . . Congratulations Everyone!

pexels-photo-541518Hello All,

Congratulations on completing the bar exam of repeats and three-peats. I am sure you are all glad to have this test behind you. I know that I am. I always tell my students that they should be at least as tired from studying as I am from prepping my students. It has been a great bar round and truly a pleasure to work with all of the wonderful students I get to work with, thank you to everyone who enrolled in one of our programs and to everyone following my blog.

Today was (in my opinion) a bit of race horse for the essays. I have also heard about what was on the performance test, however, I will not be discussing PTB on the blog until tomorrow afternoon. The reason is because there are still examinees taking the bar – some examinees with test accommodations will be taking PTB tomorrow. As a result, I will reserve any comment about the topic that was covered until tomorrow.

Congratulations to all of you and thank you again for following the blog. If you have questions, please feel free to send me an email at: or you can comment on the blog and I will reply to you here.

All the best,

Lisa Duncanson


    • Hello Cjc348,
      Thank you for following the blog and congratulations on finishing the bar exam. I will happily relay what I have heard about the exam and will answer questions to the degree that I can. However, since I have not seen the actual essay questions, I think it would be irresponsible for me to try to come up with the issues that should have been addressed. I also don’t think it is all that helpful. I definitely understand the anxiety that examinees feel post exam. It can be really tough to move on from this grueling, 18-hours-over-three-days-exam that is the California bar exam. But, the exam is over and there is nothing that anyone can do about it after the fact. I do not want to contribute to anyone’s anxiety – coming up with a list of “here’s what you should have addressed” (especially without having seen the actual essays) – will certainly cause anxiety for some. And, there is no way to be certain – not having seen the essays – of what should have been addressed. Obviously, I have some thoughts about it. But, I really want to focus on what examinees can do – rather than focus on things that you have no control over. Hopefully that makes sense.

      We begin prepping our students for the July bar exam in just a few weeks. So my focus will largely be there (after, of course, a bit of a break). All of that being said, please do not hesitate to ask me a question, if you have one – either here or via email at: I am happy to help if I can. All the best, and congratulations again! Best, Lisa Duncanson