February 2014 Bar Exam: Good Luck Tomorrow, Review Form Objections Just in Case . . .

Good luck photo for blogHello All,

I want to thank you for following the blog and invite you to send me an email if you have any last minute questions tonight. I can be reached at: pass@barnonereview.com

I also wanted to mention that it might be a good idea (just in case) to review form objections in Evidence on the chance that you end up seeing an Evidence Transcript Style Exam tomorrow. The form objections include both objections to the form of a question and objections to an answer.

Examples of form objections include:

Leading, assumes facts not in evidence, compound and non-responsive. Of course there are other form objections, but the above are some of the most heavily tested.

All the best to you this evening and tomorrow!


Lisa Duncanson
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