Bar Exam: Day One Almost Done!

Well I could not be happier about what was tested on today’s essays. I am especially happy for our enrolled students. I am not sure really how to describe it – what I attempt to do for my students . I could call it a type of inside track or a kind of home field advantage – that I endeavor to create for my students, I guess. It is my goal each bar round to build a situation for my students such that if they simply listen and pay attention and do as they are asked that they will walk into the bar exam completely prepared. Today, after learning what was actually tested on the essays – and knowing that my students were given specific examples of these very same issues  – is so incredibly rewarding. And, it is such a huge confidence boost to my students. That boost of confidence that comes from knowing what to do when you see each essay, can make all of the difference on the bar exam. I am so grateful to be able to provide it.

Blog Predictions vs In Class Predictions + Coverage of Essay Scenarios:

There are the “predictions” that I release on this blog (which are much more general than what I cover in class) and then there are the more extensive predictions and essay scenarios that I develop for our students. I use these scenarios (along with actual past bar exam questions) to teach the material. And in particular, I use these scenarios to prepare my students for what might actually show up on their exam day.

Knowing that my students today were tested on areas that I specifically prepared them for – is incredibly satisfying. Here is one of the emails I received over the lunch break today . . .

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.59.29 PM

I know why this student wrote what he wrote. It is because today when he opened the essays there was nothing that was unexpected. And, in fact, he had read essays covering many of the same issues that were tested today just in the past 10 days – he was a student in our February 15th and 16th Two Day Bar Exam Cram Session.

In addition to being taught that of course Professional Responsibility would likely appear on the exam (because it pretty much always does) – he was told that he should pay special attention to the area of prosecutorial misconduct as it relates to exculpatory evidence (that this area just has not been tested in years and that is long over due).

In addition to being told that yes, Community Property could absolutely be tested again, he was told what to expect if it were to repeat – and was even directed to discuss the concept of goodwill and transmutation if there was an opportunity to do so (because if Community Property were to repeat from July 2013 there would only be so many areas that would be available/left for testing).

Finally, he was told that Civil Procedure was almost certain to be on the exam – and he was also told that when testing Civil Procedure the bar examiners most commonly test jurisdiction issues and that he should also be on the look out for a “tack on issue” like appeals and/or interlocutory appeals. In addition, as a student in my class, he was given a past civil procedure essay (that is no longer on the California state bar website) that actually addressed both jurisdiction and the issue of an appeal.

He was given other things as well; other suggested areas. Obviously, I have not seen the essays from today but, so far, it sounds like he has seen (and studied) virtually all of these same issues that were tested on today’s essays (and was directed to specific examples of each) prior to walking into the bar exam. I could not be happier.

So, enough on that . . .

What is next? That is what everyone wants to know . . .

Of course I have no crystal ball. But, I will provide my thoughts on what I think is most likely to be tested on Thursday. For the most part, I still stick with the “predictions” from earlier. But, I will revise this some after I hear what was tested on today’s performance test.

I will not discuss today’s PTA until after 5:00 pm tomorrow (because there are examinees who have special accommodations who may not be taking today’s performance test until tomorrow – so we will not discuss it today). However, I will reserve making any revised predictions for Thursday until I hear what was tested on today’s PT (subject wise) as this will affect my thoughts on what might be more likely to see on Thursday’s essays.

By the way, any of you who want to write in and let me know what was tested on today’s PT, or wish to provide more detail about the essay testing for today, please feel free to do so via email at:

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I will post more this evening once I hear what was on today’s Performance Test A.

Congratulations on completing Day One of the California bar exam!

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