Bar Exam Tips and Free Evidence Handout

pexels-photo-239549Hello All,

First of all – all the best of luck to every one who is studying for the bar exam. I have had manyIf you would like to be added to our February 2014 Bar Exam Tips Email List and/or receive a free copy of our Evidence Handout, complete the form below and we will send the handout to you via email and add you to our Bar Exam Tips Email List.

Please select “yes” or “no” in the drop down menus below and click on the “submit” button at the bottom of the form.

Good luck in your studies!

Note: This handout will be available until 1:30 pm on March 1, 2014.

Your contact information is safe – we do not share, or sell your information.


    • Hello Deborah,

      Thank you for your message! I am not sure which link you are referring to, but I definitely want to correct it. We just tested the link for the Cram Session and also the form for the Email Tips List and Evidence Handout. It is working on our end. And, we have had students successfully register for our Email Tips List through the form on the blog. Is it a different link that is not working for you? Thank you for your message!

      All the best,

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