California Bar Results for the July 2013 Bar Exam Released Today at 6:00 pm!

pexels-photo-262529Hello Everyone,

For those of you who are waiting for bar results today, I want to wish you the very best of luck! Hang in there, the results are just hours away now.

For those who are interested, I have written a model answer to Community Property Essay #3 for the Los Angeles Daily Journal’s Bar results issue. This issue will be available online and will contain model answers to each of the essays and performance tests written by different bar review course providers. I know, probably the very last thing you want to think about right now if you are currently waiting on results . . .

For those of you who are just graduating from law school this semester and will be taking the bar exam this February, we have launched a new site for our Bar Exam Cram Sessions:

Wishing you all who are waiting on results, the very best of luck this evening!

All the Best,

Lisa Duncanson
Program Director/Founder (213) 529-0990
Bar None Review & Bar Exam Cram Session

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