Bar Exam Tip: What To Expect On Day Three . . .

pexels-photo-631042Hello All,

Congratulations on completing day one of the California bar exam!

See my previous post for today’s round up regarding today’s essays. Once I hear from more examinees about today’s exam I will write more about what to expect on Thursday’s essays.

For now, here is what I would expect:

1) a cross-over or two – this could involve Professional Responsibility crossed with another topic or really any topic – more on this later this evening.

2) I still believe that Civil Procedure or Criminal Law (this includes Criminal Law as a cross-over with Criminal Procedure) could repeat on this bar exam – so be prepared for these topics.

3) I still believe Evidence is very possible (if you will recall, I wrote earlier that I believe Con Law, Evidence and Property all have about an equal chance of showing up on this bar exam – but – I am not sure you will see all three of these topics – I just think all have an equal likelihood of showing up). So be sure to be ready with these topics.

4) I still think business organizations of some type (potentially crossed over with another subject – like PR or if it were Agency or Partnership – then it could show up as a cross over with Contracts or even Remedies). I will elaborate more later on all of these areas.

As I am writing this post I do not yet know what was tested on today’s Performance Test A. This does make a difference to me in terms of what I would “predict” or suggest as likely subject areas for testing on Thursday’s essays. So, once I hear from you (please write into me at: I will be able to use this information to zero in a little bit more.

Wishing you all the best. Take pride in the fact that  you have completed day one!


Lisa Duncanson