Bar Exam: Coming Soon – Civil Procedure on the MBE!

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Hello All,

In case you haven’t already heard, Civil Procedure will be added to the Multi-State Bar Exam in 2015. We have been preparing for this important change since it was announced by the NCBE. See the New York Law Journal’s coverage of this important change to the bar exam here.

And now, something completely different . . .Some favorite tweets from some of our followers . . . Makes me smile . . . 🙂


Day Three Essays: Update And Some Reassurance . . .


Hello All,

Congratulations on being done with the California bar exam!

By now you are hopefully resting and putting this test behind you . . . at least for the time being. I know it is hard not to re-hash the exam. But, if you can, do your best to let it go and not think about it (easier said than done).

I want to take a moment to address some concerns about Essay 5 and whether it was a straight Civil Procedure essay or Civil Procedure with a light Evidence issue. First of all, I have NOT seen the actual question . . . so I can only go by what examinees have reported to me (so many of you have graciously provided your accounts of what was tested on each exam day to me via email, and I truly appreciate that). However, since I have not actually seen the essays, I can not be certain of what was actually tested. I personally think that there may have been a relevance issue (from what I was told). But, this could be wrong.

The most important thing (whether you consider an issue to have involved evidence or not) is that you solved the problem (what ever it was). That is the most important thing.

The exam is over and now you can move on to other things while you wait for results.

There will be much said about this exam (as there always is). I personally think that the best thing is to put it behind you and know that you did your best and simply let it go for now.

Thank you again for following the blog and thank you to all of you who wrote in and said such nice things.

Please feel free to comment or to contact me at: if you have any questions – I would be happy to address whatever I can.

Until next time . . . wishing you all the very best!

Lisa Duncanson