California Bar Exam Tips: Possible Cross-Over

Hello All,

I have received a number of emails asking for an example of how Professional Responsibility and Torts could show up  together on an essay.

Here is one example of  a possible scenarios of Torts and Professional Responsibility tested together as a cross-over:

Abuse of Process, Malicious Prosecution and Professional Responsibility: One past bar exam fact pattern tested Process Torts in the context of PR in this way: Attorney is hired by client to sue on their behalf for a Tort cause of action (past exams have included defamation or negligence). Attorney misses statute of limitations, but files cause of action on behalf of client despite knowledge that the underlying cause of action is time barred. Client then has a cause of action for negligence against attorney (watch for calls of question – the examiners may limit your discussion) for failing to file claim on time, but, to prevail in negligence cause of action against attorney, client would have to prove that he/she would have prevailed in the underlying claim. Attorney is liable for abuse of process and/or malicious prosecution (depending upon how the call of the question(s) is/are asked) to the party attorney has filed the time barred action against on behalf of his client. The PR issue comes up in a light way – and would generally be asked of you by the call of the question. Issues in PR that could arise from this fact pattern would include: duty of competence (breach of), duty of diligence (failure to complete matter in a timely fashion), duty to the tribunal (breach of this duty by filing a claim that is time barred).

I will do my best to provide an additional example for a Torts/PR cross-over or other cross-over scenarios – do not stay up for it – get some rest if you can and check in tomorrow morning. If I provide any more this evening . . . it will be a quick read.

Other obvious cross-over areas are:

Wills & Trusts, Corporations and PR, Trusts and PR

Whatever you see subject wise tomorrow, remember to focus on problem solving, use headings, force a visual structure on your exam.

All the best to you tomorrow!

Lisa Duncanson