California Bar Exam: July 2012 Bar Results – One Month To Go!

Hello Everyone,

Results for the July 2012 California bar exam will be released on November 16th. For those of you who are waiting for results, this may be one of the longest months of your life. I wish you all the very best of luck on November 16th.

So, what should you do while waiting for bar results?

For some of you, the last thing you want to do is to even think about the past bar exam (what you wrote, what you didn’t write about, issues you spotted or did not spot, etc.) while others are researching the questions and looking up detailed issue analysis for the past essays and performance tests. How each examinee deals with their wait is different. However, one common ground most examinees who are waiting for bar results generally share is anxiety.  It is hard, especially as the results date draws closer, not to think about the exam . . . and, it is nearly impossible not to feel at least some anxiety .

One of the most common questions I receive during this time from examinees is whether or not you should study while waiting for bar results.  The answer depends largely upon you.

No one wants to plan for failure, but, given the pass rates on the California bar exam you may want to have a back up plan in case you do not get the news that you are hoping for on November 16th.  Does this mean that you should begin studying right now? No, not necessarily. However, you may want to begin some studying now.  Here are some of the reasons you might want to begin some studying:

1) Studying a little now might help relieve some anxiety by jumpstarting your studies in the unfortunate event that you do not pass the July 2012 bar exam. (Note: if studying right now would increase your anxiety, then this option is likely not for you).

2) If you do not feel like you did well on the last exam. (If you think you did not pass the July 2012 bar exam, then why not begin doing some bar study now?  Consider it insurance in the event that you do not pass the exam).

3) You work full time and can not quit your job or take time off from work in the event you end up needing to take the February 2013 exam. (I work with many repeat bar examinees, most of whom must work full time and are often juggling their bar studies with work and family obligations. Therefore, time is critical and must be managed carefully and effectively. For those of you who work full time, having to repeat the bar exam is particularly challenging. As a result, if you think you might be re-taking the bar exam in February, you may just want to start doing a little studying now).

For those of you who think you may want to study some in the weeks leading up to bar results, stay tuned for advice on what kind of studying you should do, how much, what, etc.

All the best to those of you who are waiting for results for the July 2012 California Bar Exam!


Lisa Duncanson

Program Director/Founder
Bar None Review
(949) 891-8831


  1. Thanks for addressing this topic, Lisa. I have been pondering this question every day as I weigh these three daily tasks against each other:
    1) applying for interim jobs (quit my 9-5 to study for the bar, and the job market is tough);
    2) studying for the Feb. 2012 bar just in case;
    3) studying my textbook on the subspecialty of law I plan to go into. (Fortunately, there’s plenty of room in that job market – if I did pass the bar.)

    Well, I think I am going to sit in a coffee shop for two hours and review my notes (just in case).

    I do enjoy this blog, and have referred my friends to it.