July 2012 Bar Exam: Day Three Update

Hello Everyone,

I have received a number of emails in the past couple of days as well as a few phone calls asking that I provide some type of “rehash” or “rundown” of day three’s essay exams.

Day three is always more difficult to assess because fewer people actually provide me with their take on what was on the exam on day three and I receive less detail from examinees about what was on day three. I believe the reason for this is simply because there are no more essays after day three and so there is no need to provide me detail from which to alter my “predictions” – since there are no more essays. On day one of the bar exam I receive hundreds of emails with great detail about what was tested in the hopes that this will enable me to make better predictions for day three. Also, in my opinion, it is much less important to review day three’s essays as it does not affect anything – you are done with the exam. But, I do realize (from recent emails and phone calls) that it is something that some of you would like me to do.

I am very grateful to those of you who follow my blog and I want to provide what you want.  So, I will go through the emails that I did receive after day three’s essays and provide my thoughts.  I am in the midst of preparing students for the Baby Bar Exam. But, I should be able to provide my thoughts on day three in the next few days. So that you do not have to keep checking this blog, consider subscribing to the blog and you will receive an update as soon as I post.

Thank you again for following my blog!

Lisa Duncanson
Program Director/Founder
Bar None Review