California Bar Exam – Day Three “Predictions”

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for being among the over 25,000 visitors to my blog this past week.  I am grateful and humbled by the following. Also, thank you to all who have written in with kind words (and questions) 🙂 I truly appreciate it.

Yesterday’s performance test – the consensus – from everyone who has written in – was that it was a nightmare. You all know that the subject was Corporations and that included (among other areas) duty of care and the business judgment rule. From what I have heard, this was a very challenging performance test. Many have written in wanting to know if they can still pass the exam assuming they failed yesterday’s Performance Test.

First of all, YES, you can still pass. Second, don’t assume you failed anything. The only thing that is certain about yesterday is that Civil Procedure, Community Property and Professional Responsibility, and Evidence were tested on the essays AND that PTA was difficult. That is all you can be certain of – so my advice to you is to let it go, yesterday is over, be positive, assume you can still cinch this up, forge ahead and study for tomorrow’s essays!

So here are my thoughts for day three:

Thursday’s PT:

1) Day Three’s PT should be easier.

2) Day Three’s PT may involve a persuasive writing assignment

3) Day Three’s PT might require you to prepare more than one document.**

**But, I still think it will be an easier PT than PTA.

Day Three’s Essays:

I am still leaning towards the essay topics that I have already suggested – with a few caveats:

1) So far, you have only been tested on one MBE topic (usually there are two to three on every bar round)

2) Always remember that anything can still repeat from the last bar round.

3) Professional Responsibility can still show up tomorrow – either as a full essay or as a cross over with another topic.

4) I am still leaning towards any of the subjects that I “predicted” in my prior posts from this week – so please review my earlier posts.

5) Keep in mind that on some rounds Evidence has shown up as a full essay on day one and then a cross over on day three – it has happened in the past and it could happen again.

Review my earlier posts (Predictions: Part One and Predictions: Part Two and Predictions: Part Three)

Pay particular attention to the subjects that have not come up yet. Of course anything is possible, but, hopefully the essay scenarios I have provided will give you something to focus on tonight.

Best of luck to all who are taking the exam!


Best of luck to you all!
Lisa Duncanson
Program Director/Founder
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