February 2012: Day Three’s Essays

Hello All,

Here is what has been reported so far from today’s essays:

Essay one: Corporations with Remedies (I have not heard yet exactly which areas of either topic – haven’t heard details on the fact patterns yet)

Essay two: Real Property (landlord tenant – so that was one of the repeats from July 2011 – there are usually two subjects that repeat from one bar exam to the next) crossed over with Professional Responsibility)

Essay Three: Professional Responsibility (again, a repeat and the most expected topic to repeat, from the July 2011 bar exam. I am told this essay had a conflict of interest issue and also involved solicitation (so perhaps it required you to address attorney advertising area – Bates/Ohralik – I am not sure as I have not seen the test, and I have yet to speak with any students yet – most of my students are in Ontario and they are not out of the test yet).

So, as soon as I know more I will post it here.

In the mean time, let it go, let this morning go, have a light lunch and forge ahead through the Performance Test. STAY POSITIVE!!! You have come this far, you are almost through! Believe in yourself. Follow directions on this afternoon’s PT as carefully and closely as possible. Be sure to make your answer look like it is the answer to PTB (in other words, headings, format, etc. – at a glance – should look like it is a document or documents in response to the PT you are writing). If you are asked to do something like a “discovery plan” then do it as the materials tell you to do it. Do NOT bring in any outside formatting or style that you may have learned in a prior job. The bar exam is NOT testing you on your actual work experience or whether you have ever written a motion to suppress or a closing argument. They are testing you on your ability to follow directions, understand what is being asked of you, complete a task, apply legal authorities and write. Above all, follow the directions/instructions to a T.

Good luck to all of you!

Best regards,

Lisa Duncanson

Bar None Review