California Bar Exam: February 2012

I thought I would share this it is an email from an examinee that I received over the lunch hour – thank you, you know who you are 🙂

It sounds to me like this examinee had a pretty good handle on what was tested today. And yes it was pretty hard. So here is their message. Please feel free to add a comment below (it is a pretty small comment link, but, if you look hard enough, you should see it at the bottom of this post).

Here is what one bar examinee (whom I believe to be pretty astute) thought was covered today:

“Hi Lisa. 

We were just tested on trusts/wills, conlaw, and evidence. Spot on as you “predicted”! 

Conlaw was tough. It asked for a first amendment analysis of a city bus stop bulletin – where free flyers could be posted. An organization against immigration was prohibited from posting there because it failed to provide both English and Spanish language flyers as city required. 

Where was the commerce clause and dormant commerce clause in this??! 

Was public forum/time place manner restriction the proper analysis along with equal prot and due process? 

What were they looking for??? 

Its possible there was also a commercial speech issue bc the orgs flyer promoted membership at $10/person… 

Evidence involved 2 statements with various components – unavailable/dead decl, a note-writing to which an available decl testified but didn’t recall what was written on it… Medical statement, etc. it was a racehorse type f question bc there were a lot of subissues and no time. 

You probably have this info from other students already but wanted to share in support of further predictions from you. 

Thanks for your wisdom on your blog. I’ve been following it – both study wise for mbe’s and writing.

Look forward to your thoughts about Thursdays test.”