California Bar Exam Cram Sheets Now Available!

Please Note: The Bar Exam Cram Sheets (as of July 1, 2012) are currently out of stock. We will be releasing our latest edition (for the February 2012 bar exam) by September 1, 2012.

 Hello All,

A common problem that bar examinees face is figuring out what to memorize (there is SO much information)! You simply can not memorize thousands of pages. Instead it is critical to condense down cumbersome outlines into something that is manageable.  Ideally, you would have everything you need to know for each topic reduced down to a two to four page approach outline.

We are now making our Bar Exam Cram Sheets available outside of our bar review course (our students have used these Cram Sheets with great success). The Bar Exam Cram Sheets include the necessary black letter law and an attack approach for each subject. These condensed attack outlines are extremely effective. We have had students rely solely upon these outlines for their substantive review. How can you get your copy? The Bar Exam Cram Sheets are now available through

To learn more, visit here:

All the best to those who are studying for the February 2012 bar exam!

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