California Bar Exam Tips: Coming Soon – Rehash of the February 2011 Bar Exam

Hello All,

Congratulations to all who just took the bar exam. Hopefully you are enjoying some much needed post bar studies rest and relaxation.

In the coming week we will be revamping our blog a little bit to include additional free study materials and study calendars. We have many available here already, but, these were provided  in individual posts and so to find these materials you would likely have to search the archives.

Also, as soon as the bar exam essays are made public by the California bar examiners, we will provide an issue list of all of the essay exams. So stay tuned.

And thank you again for your readership – we had over three thousand views during the days of the bar exam alone. It is very rewarding to know that the blog is read.


Lisa Duncanson
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  1. Hi Bar Exam Guru,

    I know this is slight overkill with the results being released only a short 9 days away, but were you planning on posting an issues list for the February exam? I have found your blog very helpful over the past number of months and find myself periodically visiting the site to see if you’ve made updates.


    • Hello and thank you for your interest in the blog.

      We will provide either issue lists or model answers to the essay exams from the February 2011 bar exam. Our early bird instruction for the July 2011 bar exam is already underway. As a result, we probably will not have anything up in the next few weeks.

      However, we will put up something as soon as we can.

      Hang in there while you wait for results. I wish you the very, very best of luck! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or to email me privately at:

      Best regards,
      Lisa Duncanson

      I know these final days of waiting are tough. Try to Hang in there.